Yearning to travel?  Want to send a friend a pick-me-up?  You can do it!  Take a trip to Vermont with this cute 6.5 by 4.5-inch postcard puzzle.


This is the Chiselville Covered bridge in Sunderland, Vermont. It is perched forty feet above the lovely Roaring Branch. It was built around 1870 but underwent substantial repairs in the 1970s when two gravel trucks attempted to cross the bridge at the same time. Why is it called Chiselville? In the mid-1800s chisels were made therein two large shop buildings: one for forging and shaping and the other for grinding and polishing. The buildings were located on the other side of the bridge you see in the painting.  Oh, and by the way, there is a sign on the bridge that says it is a one-dollar fine for traversing this bridge at a pace faster than a walk!


Painting in oil by artist Marion Wilcox Fleming.

Covered Bridge Chiselville, VT

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