My mother, Marion Fleming, was my heroine in so many respects. She was capable. She had ideas that made things happen. She was talented, but modest. She was driven to create. From a blank piece of canvass, she could capture a model’s persona, or could create a scene with depth, detail, and a unique perspective. She was funny. In elementary school she created a cartoon series with her brother. Dry humor can be found among her life works, particularly in her rapid practice sketches.

That she loved to travel is evident from her paintings, the Caribbean, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Austria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and all around the US. Each location provided her with new scenes, new faces, and new experiences that could be incorporated into her work. It is readily apparent that although she deeply loved nature, she found people fascinating.

My mother’s artwork enriched my childhood in so many ways. Watching the process of creation first hand. Seeing ideas transform. Observing frustration with an idea that doesn’t seem to coalesce, and deep satisfaction from a work well-done. For these and many other reasons, we have begun to pursue the process of making fine giclee prints of her work for others to enjoy and obtain.

Be sure to view the Eclectic Art Prints Portfolio page for some examples of the results. More images will be added to our site in the future. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries as we gear up this endeavor.

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