Cardboard and Masking Tape--Artwork Villains

For more than a year I’ve been disassembling the framing package of dozens of my mother’s paintings. This accomplishes two things. One, a much better photograph may be taken of the art without the obstruction of the frame and glass, and two, I am able to remove the materials used by the professional framers of the past: cardboard and masking tape. These materials are harmful to artwork because they contain acid that causes paper to yellow and become brittle. If you have artwork or photographs that are special to you that are assembled with cardboard and masking tape, consider reframing to prevent further damage.

March Orchard--Framing Materials Removed

Another important reframing aspect to consider is glass. As I reframe each of Marion’s paintings, I am replacing the plain glass with UV conservation glass. Conservation glass has a coating that scatters and diffuses 99% of UV light to protect the art. I did have one painting reframed with non-glare glass because it supposedly had been greatly improved, but I found I am still not a fan. Images tend to look fuzzy under non-glare glass because the glass is etched to disburse reflections.

Most costly is museum glass. It has multiple coatings for low light reflection, color clarity, and 99% UV blocking. I ordered museum glass for one of Marion’s paintings, but subsequently decided my main objective was to block UV light and the additional features of museum glass were not worth the greatly increased cost.

These are a few of the things I have learned while preparing to sell prints of Marion’s art, and I have decided work well for her art. There are many sources of information on the internet about framing best practices and different types of glass to meet your own needs. Seeking the advice of an experienced professional framer is well worth the time, in my opinion, even if you can do some of the framing assembly work yourself. Despite the additional cost of updating the framing package, in the long run I think you will be pleased to have preserved your prized images.

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