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Wood Bull Antiques

A famous landmark in Milford, NY. It has been named a "Heaven for Pickers" by Wood Bull Antiques is a must visit if you are in upstate, NY!

Pretty Perch


If maintain a bird feeder you know the birds love to visit feeders during a heavy snowstorm. The geraniums and the window frame let you know that even though the snow is briskly falling, the birds are fed and happy, and the house is warm and cozy.

Eye in the Sky

March seems to be one of the windiest months making it optimal for kite flying. This kite was taller than the model and heavier than a typical kite. It was a challenge to control but the result was oh so worth it.



St. Mary by the Sea

The Beach in early September

Snoozin' Cruzin'

Sometimes we just want to get away from it all, kick back and forget about our cares. What better place to do that than on a boat on a beautiful sunny day?

Retirement Bliss

Retirement means freedom! Visit to another country. Go to the mountains, the beach, or jump on a cruise. Or just walk on a nearby beach. The choice is yours.


It's not easy to see homeless people in the cold, especially when their clothing isn't suitable for the weather. I think this painting gives one permission to look without feeling intrusive to really see how difficult and distressing it is to be homeless.

Babushkas Coming from Church

Babushkas Coming From Church

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